Nueva versión Mysql Backup (1.2)

Se ha actualizado el script de backup de la base de datos, incluyendo una comprobación del número de backups guardado. Así aunque normalmente los ficheros (sobre todo al estar comprimidos) no ocupan demasiado, nos aseguramos de no saturar la partición donde la tengamos almacenada. La podéis ver y copiar en MySQL Backup 1.2

2 comments for “Nueva versión Mysql Backup (1.2)

  1. 17/11/2012 at 0:38

    well I wanted to know eihetr the application has to be used instead phpmyadmin but if we have phpmyadmin tools to CRUD why use this, personally my concern is phpmyadmin is the most easiest software I have ever had don’t know about others, Well All I can say here, I do appreciate the author for developing such a nice and clean interface keep it up guys and million thanx for you to provide us an open source program.

    • 18/11/2012 at 0:32

      Hi kozue
      You can use this script even if you use other tools like phpmyadmin for database related purposes.
      Its main advantage its that it allows you to automate the backup through the cron
      tool, and you should be able to import your database data using any mysql tool.
      Thanks for your feedback

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